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Here at Prairie Creek Liquor, we love a nearly $200 bottle of Heitz Martha’s Vineyard or Opus One as much as anyone, (one of our principals has Heitz MV verticals dating back to 1981 in his personal cellar), and if that is your taste we will do our very best to accommodate. Some examples of these can be found on our “Allocated Shelves”. Many of these ultra-premium California wines have very limited distribution so they are hard to get, but we will do our best to meet your requests. Having said that, we also believe; strongly in fact; that you do not need to spend that much money to get some fantastic wines. How about an Advocate 94 Cabernet Sauvignon for under $30 per bottle. Or a Spectator 90 for under $20. If you like whites, how about a Wine & Spirits 92 point Chardonnay for under $20 per bottle. Values like this are what we love to find and love to bring to you. These are our “Wine Rack” wines. They change often so check in on us frequently to see what’s new.

Allocation Wines

If you are looking for a bottle of Heitz Martha’s Vineyard, Opus One, or a fine First Growth Bordeaux, come speak with us.  We have many great wines on hand that will make your cellar complete, as well as access to numerous hard to get wines from around the world.”

Wine Rack

Our beautiful wine rack features a frequently changing selection of 40 wines, all rated 90 points or higher by the most respected experts in the wine industry.  We have focused on bringing you selection between $10-$30. Let us show you that high quality wine does not need to carry a high price tag.